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Article I [Scope of Application]

1. 1This Convention shall apply to the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards made in the territory of a State other than the State where the recognition and enforcement of such awards are sought, and arising out of differences between persons, whether physical or legal. 2It shall also apply to arbitral awards not considered as domestic awards in the State where their recognition and enforcement are sought. 2. The term “arbitral awards” shall include not only awards made by arbitrators appointed for each case but also those made by permanent arbitral bodies to which the parties have submitted. 3. 1When signing, ratifying or acceding to this Convention, or notifying extension under article X hereof, any State may

Wolff NYC/Ehle NYC Art. 1 Rn. 1-190
Wolff NYC/Ehle, 2. Aufl. 2019, NYC Art. 1 Rn. 1-190