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BeckRS 2020, 1452
EGMR: Art. 3 (substantive and procedural limbs), Inhuman and degrading treatment, Police ill-treatment with a view to forcing the applicants to confess to serious charges, Lack of effective investigation, Art. 5 § 1 (c), Reasonable suspicion, Minimum standard of “reasonableness” of suspicion not met in view of applicant’s status, sequence of events, investigations and authorities’conduct, Art. 5 § 4, Review of lawfulness of detention, Systemic failure on the part of domestic courts to protect against arbitrary arrest and continued pre-trial detention, Art. 18 (+ Art. 5), Restriction for unauthorised purposes, Detention of opposition activists in order to punish them for painting anti-government graffiti on statue of former president, Art. 10, Freedom of expression, Grossly arbitrary prosecution for drug-related crimes in retaliation for political expression
Urteil vom 13.02.2020 - 63571/16, 74143/16, 2883/17, 2890/17, 39527/17, 39541/17